Cortelco Systems

Innovative technological systems for an evolving market

Cortelco Systems Puerto Rico Inc. (Cortelco) began in 1961 as a subsidiary to ITT, a corporation that at the time was the largest distributor of telecommunication systems in the world. More than two decades later, the company changed hands and the business incorporated as an independent company in 1988. Today, Juan Carlos Ramos serves as CEO and president. With 20 years of industry experience, he has been with the business since 2006. He works with a team of 60 employees working out of one locations in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

“Cortelco has been around for more than 50 years,” Ramos explains. “It started as a company that designed and manufactured office, call center and telephone systems. However, it has evolved to become a company that implements a wide range of technological solutions for our clients. Our work now is everything from the most basic cable infrastructure to implementing telephone systems for data centers and designing security systems to protect the companies we serve.”

Dominating the market

Cortelco has few competitors that can offer the same level of high-tech innovation that the company’s clients have come to expect. “We can offer our clients integral solutions from the most basic infrastructure to the most complicated elements of security,” Ramos explains. “Other companies are specialized but Cortelco sees the big picture. Our employees have a broad range of expertise in technological solutions. They understand the way that businesses work and propose technological solutions to help our clients to better their businesses, giving them an edge.”

The company personalizes and tailors systems to each client. Cortelco places a great emphasis on helping to make clients’ businesses more productive. The team is committed to results with an impact, giving businesses integrated solutions to common and uncommon efficiency problems.

These customers represent a broad market. Recently, the team’s consultant services have grown with banks, insurance companies and health care organizations. With heavy regulation throughout the United States, Cortelco is also building a market share in compliance consulting, ensuring that the company’s clients are not only operating efficiently, but within local and federal law.

Staying on top

In order to remain a leader in technology, Cortelco has fought through many challenges, past and present. The recent economic recession has dampered business. Fewer companies are willing to make big investments. Ramos and his team emphasize value, however. He has faith that his systems promote efficiency, which can save clients money in the long run.

Technological diversification has helped to keep the company ahead, even throughout the downturn. Ramos and his leadership team have maintained a balanced operation. “We try to have the same quality of service all the time and the same administration so our work is consistent,” he notes. “We also provide resources that our clients need, when they need them. Our prices are competitive and our work is of high-quality.”

These diverse and well-managed capabilities continue to attract business for the team. Cortelco has several major ongoing contracts, including a technological overhaul for a group of hospitals throughout all of Puerto Rico. The company also recently completed a high-priority project building security systems with one of the biggest banks in the country. “We are basically helping the biggest bank and the second to biggest bank consolidate their systems and integrate technology,” Ramos elaborates. The crew is also working on a major communications project for a government institution. These projects will continue to provide a capital return for Cortelco through ongoing contracts and upgrades.

Looking ahead

Cortelco has built up a strong backlog for the coming years. While the company has been through lean times recently, Ramos is optimistic for his team’s outlook. “Our focus is on strengthening our relationships and futthering technology throughout Puerto Rico,” Ramos explains. “We have strong supplier relationships and we are well prepared to continue growth.”

As for the rest of the region, Ramos sees uncharted territory in the business sector. “Puerto Rico is unique in that we do not have a strong economic identity,” he explains. “As a region, we need to decide what we are going to be, present ourselves accordingly and develop our business sector within the context of the rest of the world. We are not a super power yet, but there is a lot of potential for growth once we recognize our collective strength.”

As for Cortelco, Ramos hopes to keep pushing forward, leading the way for technology firms in the region. The business has a strong foundation and continues to develop the relationships that will support the company for years to come. Through innovation, expertise and professionalism, Cortelco Systems Puerto Rico Inc. is making great strides for Puerto Rico’s technological market.



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