ESTUDIOS DE CASOS Region: Puerto Rico

Villavicencio & Associates Construction Corp

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

While Puerto Rico has suffered from a prolonged recession, with the island’s economy declining every year since 2006, Villavicencio & Associates Construction Corp. (V&A) has continued a strong track record of steady growth. “Since the company was established in 2004, and even while the economy in Puerto Rico has been decreasing, we’ve been able to […]

Caguas Mechanical Contractor Inc.

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

The small island nation of Puerto Rico is home to big industry, including a wealth of pharmaceutical giants. Caguas Mechanical Contractor Inc. (CMC) has been supporting the development of pharmaceutical clients for nearly four decades. “We have been in Puerto Rico for 38 years,” shares Alex Nieves, vice president of CMC. “We are general contractors […]

Comercial Toro Inc.

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

Comercial Toro Inc. (CTI) has been serving Puerto Rico for more than 40 years with 10 acres of warehouses, showrooms and construction material space. Known for an extensive selection and competitive prices, CTI has established exclusive supplier relationships since its founding in 1970 by Don Milton Raúl Toro Santiago. As one of 12 children, Raúl […]

Demaco Corporation

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

Gennaro Dessy established Demaco Corporation (Demaco) in 1978 as a maintenance and corrosion company serving the island’s growing petrochemical complex. The business has grown and diversified significantly over the years. In 1984, Gennaro and his team constructed a vast chemicals terminal on the company’s land. The terminal is the largest of its kind in Puerto […]

Cortelco Systems

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

Cortelco Systems Puerto Rico Inc. (Cortelco) began in 1961 as a subsidiary to ITT, a corporation that at the time was the largest distributor of telecommunication systems in the world. More than two decades later, the company changed hands and the business incorporated as an independent company in 1988. Today, Juan Carlos Ramos serves as […]

Idaive Contractors Inc.

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

Héctor Sánchez, founder, president and CEO of Idaive Contractors Inc. (ICI), built a strong career in Puerto Rico’s construction industry. Sánchez worked for HB Zachry International (HBZI), an American construction firm over the course of 20 years. “I started out as a workman and ended up leading the department of engineering in northern Puerto Rico,” […]

Efraín Núñez Inc.

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

In 1979 Efraín Nuñez founded his first bakery supply business in Puerto Rico. The small company flourished and Nuñez took on a business partner in 1984. Five years later, he sold the rest of his share to start another company. In 1989 Nuñez founded Efraín Nuñez Inc. (ENI), a new venture, on a similar premise. […]

Constructora Argo

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 4 mins

Since 1971, Constructora Argo Inc. (CAI) has been family-owned and –operated, serving and supporting the island economy in Puerto Rico with trusted urban development capabilities. The small island, which is actually home to big industry, has experienced significant economic growth in the pharmaceutical, electronics, textile, processed foods and petrochemical sectors in recent decades and CAI […]


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